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Whether you live or work in the suburb of Hawthorn, you'll want to know who to call when a blocked drain occurs.

Why choose LH Plumbing Hawthorne?

Prompt & Reliable
Should you experience a blocked drain, our experienced local Hawthorn plumbers will be with you in no time at all. We know the situation can be both inconvenient and distressing for you, either at home or your workplace, so it needs to be fixed quickly.
Great Service
Our team at LH Plumbing turns up when we say we will. This is vitally important when solving the unpleasant problem of a blocked drain. Our commitment is to then provide a swift and cost-effective solution, allowing your home or business life to return to normal as soon as possible.
Fully Licensed Plumbers
As you would expect, we are fully licensed and highly professional master plumbers. We have gathered over half a century of experience and many powerful testimonials from our clients. Importantly, much of this work is in your local area. This provides us with expert knowledge to deal with the many problems that can cause a blocked drain in Hawthorn.

OUR SERVICESBlocked Drains Hawthorn

We have over 50 years of experience providing residents of Hawthorn with fully licensed, professional plumber services.

Not only can our team at LH Plumbing recognise – and fix – so many causes of blocked drains, but we can also help ensure that the same problem doesn’t arise again.

Our experienced professionals use a state of the art SewerJett® and drainage cameras to find, assess, diagnose and repair a sewer drain.

With our typical Melbourne climate, stormwater drains can also become overwhelmed. You might simply have a blocked toilet, struggling due to age or a build-up of what has been flushed (or perhaps shouldn’t have been).

Your bath or shower might even be backing up. Whatever it is, our superb specialist equipment will find and deal with the cause. It’s the same with basins or sinks; these can be blocked by food, grease and many other causes. We can also quickly locate and sort boundary shafts.

Have your sewer drain fixed in no time. Our state of the art SewerJett® equipment helps locate, diagnose & fix sewer drains.
The Melbourne weather can play havoc with storm water drains. Keep your premises safe & dry. Give us a call.
Whether it's an old toilet, a blocked drain or a buildup of flushed items, we’ll detect & fix your blocked drain issue.
If your bath or shower is backing up, our blocked drain equipment will locate the issue so that we can fix it.
Sinks & basins deal with lots of chemicals, grease, food & other objects. If yours is blocked – give us a call.
Our plumbers also have the experience & equipment to fix commercial blocked drains promptly & reliably.

The Simplest Solution To A Blocked Drain In Hawthorn

Simply contact our team here at LH Plumbing as soon as you’ve noticed the problem. We’ll be with you as quickly as possible – ready to solve it and allow your life or work to return to normal!

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