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If you’re in Malvern and need a local Melbourne plumber, look no further than LH Plumbing!

With over 50 years in the business, we are fully licensed experts who will be able to assist you with the plumbing services you need.

From a leaky tap to a blocked drain, to something more serious like a burst pipe, LH Plumbing will be there for you. Offering affordable rates, friendly service and speedy completion, we are simply the best in the business. Of course, repairs aren’t the only thing that we offer, but also services such as gas fitting, hot water services, and sewerage connections.

Something else that we offer is water conservation, a topic that is on everyone’s minds. LH Plumbing is keenly placed to assist with the installation of additional water-saving measures in your home. Being locals, we understand the day to day Melbourne life, and the best ways to save your water (and money!).

By recommending technologies such as quick heating to avoid draining litres of water while waiting for the pipes to heat up, upgraded toilets, or just a solid tap to avoid leaks, LH Plumbing can assist you with an end-to-end water-saving solution. Give us a call for a free quote at any time on 0414 548 922 or (03) 9844 2279.

OUR SERVICESBlocked Drains Malvern

We have over 50 years of experience providing residents of Malvern with fully licensed, professional plumber services.
Our state of the art SewerJett® equipment helps locate, diagnose & fix sewer drains.
The Melbourne weather can play havoc with storm water drains. Keep your premises safe & dry.
Whether it's an old toilet, a blocked drain or a buildup of flushed items - we'll fix your toilet.
If your bath or shower is backing up, our specialist drain equipment will locate the issue and we'll fix the issue properly.
Sinks & basins deal with lots of chemicals, grease, food and other objects. If yours is blocked - call an experienced drain plumber.
Our blocked drain services aren't just for residential properties, we also have the experience & equipment for commercial drains.

LH Plumbing - the Best in Malvern

When looking for a plumber in Malvern, looking for a family-owned and operated business that is passionate about their trade will pay dividends in the long run. It’s not just about getting the job done, but getting it done right, which is a key part of the LH Plumbing service, given that we have been master plumbers for over 50 years.

For example, if you have a blocked drain, this is our specialty and we utilise the latest plumbing technology to diagnose and completely fix the issue. First, drainage cameras are utilised to ensure that the problem is fully understood, to make sure that it is resolved, as opposed to just implementing a temporary solution.

Then, more technology is utilised to get the job done, such as a mini-excavator for getting at those tight spaces, and SewerJett(R) equipment, which can blast away the toughest obstructions in your sewer system.

Fancy gadgets aren’t everything, however, and with LH Plumbing, you are hiring first-class plumbers with the experience to deal with any scenario. We can help you with your blocked drains and much more, so get in touch with us today.

Call 0414 548 922 any time for a free quote!

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